The Secret Life of Trees

I feel good today!  While I didn’t get up early like I wanted to, I did go for a walk around my complex and that has warmed my blood and my imagination.  I love living amongst all these trees. Scientists have recently “discovered” that trees have a consciousness and form vital relationships with the trees around them.  This is not news to anyone who has spent any real time surrounded by trees. IMG_1770

The trees around me take special care of each other and the life forms that depend on them, including me.


One thought on “The Secret Life of Trees

  1. From reading your blog about nature and trees, I feel as if there is some one out there that actually understands how vital it is to have trees around us. We need plants for oxygen and in return, they need us due to the fact that we exhale carbon dioxide. Who ever knew that trees around us could be used for psychological purposes such as relaxing the mind, and calming the soul!


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